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5 x 1 Neoprene Wheel With 5/16″ Precision Sealed Ball Bearing 1-1/8 Hub 75 Lbs Capacity


5 x 1 Neoprene Wheel With 5/16" Precision Sealed Ball Bearing
1-1/8 Hub
75 Lbs Capacity

Superior for all floor surfaces and offering excellent mobility and wear resistance, Darcor Neoprene D wheels are quiet and non-staining. Designed for light to medium loads, they are shock absorbing, and resistant to damage from chemicals and debris.

  • Shore hardness 62 A
  • Per caster load capacity 75-600 lbs.
  • Tread symbol D
  • Excellent rollability, resistance to wear
  • High strength, impact resistance
  • Non-marking, non-staining
  • Temperature ranges to 300 Deg F for 20 minutes, 175 Deg F for one hour
  • Excellent for all floor surfaces
  • Will reject floor debris, roll over screws, metal or glass fragments, resin pellets
  • Highly resistant to wax, oils, greases, cleaning compounds, weather and ozone.
  • Will not flat spot

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Weight6.5000 lbs
Dimensions5.0000 × 1.1300 × 5.0000 in